Head coach of children

Emma Vikman

Emma is a dancer, instructor and choreographer from Kotka. She has walked in her parents foot steps and started dancing since a young child. As a head coach of children and juniors she brings a lot of experience. Emma is successful dancer herself and also her students have won many competitions. Currently she teaches on Thursdays kids groups. The dance technique is important but so is successful learning experiences. This positive mind brings dance joy and laughter to everybody!

             Standard professionals

Katri Vikman

Katri Vikman is a long-term head coach for Lappeenrannan Tanssiurheilijat in standard dances. She has won many times Finnish championship and is one of the most recognized ballroom teachers in Finland. Katri teaches every second Wednesday when there is standard day and every Friday kids groups.

Katri is especially known for her humorous attitude and in her classes it is difficult to stay serious. Through her long teaching expertise dancers develop their skills and techniques fast. 

Markus Hirvonen and Liisa Setälä

Markus and Liisa are both Finnish champions and they have set a goal to be world champions in year 2020 in standard dances. Once a month they visit to teach in Lappeenranta all levels. They keep both private lessons and group lessons.

Markus and Liisa are especially famous of their happy and supportive attitude. They thinks that all dancers should have own targets and dreams and it is important to work hard to achieve own goals. 

            Latin professionals

Tiina Koskenvalta

Tiina Koskenvalta from Helsinki is a very skilled dancer. She competes as professional in latin dances with Jaak Vainomaa.

 Tiina is highly experienced coach and famous dancer in Finland. It is important to Tiina that her students feel lessons challenging enough and are satisfied with their own doing. 

As a teacher Tiina is inspiring and supportive. She courages her students to believe in their selves and always to try again.

 These  classes will turn ladies latin divas and men real amigos! 

Jaak Vainomaa

Jaak is one the most successful Finnish ballroom dancers today. He won world championship in 2016 and recently in 2018 European championship with his new partner Tiina Tulikallio. Jaak is originally from Estonia and lives currently in Helsinki.

As a visiting coach he brings a fresh breeze from the top of the world and a vision where ballroom dancing is developing.