Ballroom dancing in Lappeenranta

You can enjoy dancing whether you are a  child or an adult. Ballroom dancing in our club does not require a previous dancing background or a partner. The most important is to challenge yourself and enjoy the music. Dancing joy for both children and adults in a great company! 

Ballroom groups

A new ballroom dancing groups start in autumn and the group practices during autumn and spring term. Attendance does not require previous dancing background or own partner. 

Adults groups

During adults ballroom beginners course six dances are taught. Standard dances: slow walz, tango and quickstep and latin dances: samba, cha-cha and jive. After beginners group the dancers move on to advanced group to learn more choreographies and dancing technics 

Children's groups

The first groups are Child- Adult groups for small children participating with own adult. Following group is DanceStar group where rhythm and basic steps are thought. From there the children move on to ballroom dancing beginners group where new choreographies and steps are learned. 

New children's groups!

 New Child - Adult groups 1 and 2 for the smallest children in the family. Child -Adult group 1 is targeted to 1-2 year old and group 2 to 3-4 year old children. Child participates to these classes with an adult that can be parent, grand parent or some relative. The idea is to enjoy music, play and dance together and the most of all have fun! Dancing is joyful to whole family. Katri Vikman is the new instructor for kids groups with professional background. 

Solo latin -groups

Latin rhythms and fun without partner 

Latin Day with - 

The most famous finnish ballroom dancers visit to instruct latin theme days. During the day different theme dance classes can be taken and each class includes one dance choreograph. Usually the days are held in Sundays. The coming days can be seen in news section. 

Markus Hirvonen & Liisa Setälä "Targeting to be world champions"

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